See You Tomorrow

by Soundless

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We recorded this "lost" album when Sara moved to California.

Then we went through perfectionism and apathy, heartbreak and happiness, marriages and breakups.

See you tomorrow.


released July 24, 2017

Soundless was Sara Wexler, Amber Sebastian, Ben Fitch, and Dan Fitch.
Recorded at our houses, September 2014 until we slowly went insane.
Engineered and mixed by Dan Fitch.
Mastered by Mark C. Lea.
Photos and layout by Dan Fitch.

Thanks to: Russell, Rebecca, Jason H, Jason J, Larry, Laura, Chelsea, Cathy & Justin at High Noon. Our neighbors for not calling the cops. Moms & dads, family & friends.

Copyright 2017 Blast Claps and Cat Flaps Records




Soundless Madison, Wisconsin

If we wait, nothing will happen.

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Track Name: Take Flight
When we were young I recall
Time was big and we were small
I held your hand through it all
Spin around until we fall

Down we go
Down we go

We dried our eyes and moved on
Still the pain was far from gone
You held my hand and looked down
Trembling far above the ground

Don’t let go
Just keep me close
Don’t let me go
We cast our fear below

You kept the paintings I made
Though their colors seem to fade
And now there’s not much to say
I will love you anyway

Below... below...
Track Name: I Sing Alone
Melody, you'll be safe at home
Stay with me, no one needs know
Terrified when they're by my side
Keep away, the song is mine

And I sing alone

Easily you could be my own
Though you see, I must let go
I will try to show them what's inside
As we sing with all our might

And I've let you go

Sing with me, as I lose control
Track Name: Not Enough
Not enough
The surface is starting to
Crack and bend

Not enough
The gravity in your touch
Bends me, breaks me

Pry apart your ribs
And let them
Sing with this
Let every apocalypse
Bring us closer still

Not enough
You leave without a why
I am only this
Track Name: Valentine
Oh, I really want to know you
Let me see the depths of your soul
Love, I'd see you much more clearly
If you'd kindly clean your window
Do you remember last Christmas, when
Your family sang Christmas songs?
I was outside in the alley looking in
And humming along

Be my valentine
Be mine

I will crawl into your bedroom
Just to see the place where you sleep
Who is that in your arms
I will not rest 'til she's six feet deep
Oh, you scream that you never love me
And I need to let go
Don't you feel that you will miss me
Or is your heart lifeless and cold?

Be my valentine
Be mine
Track Name: Believer
I don't want to believe

Headed out to sea when
I don't want to believe
Seems so far to say when
We watch these rolling waves

I don't want to believe
I don't want to believ
I don't want to belie
I don't want to beli
I don't want to bel
I don't want to be
I don't want to b
I don't want to
I don't want t
I don't want
I don't wan
I don't wa
I don't w
I don't
I don'
I do
I d
Track Name: Home
Through gray skies
We float unknown

In disguise to hide what’s
On my mind
All the time

Up so high
You can’t get close

Terrified to show what’s
On my mind
All the time

I can’t go home
Deep in my heart
I know that I’m lonely
I’ll try to let you go
I guess that I’ll be alone

Break through lies
Let our hearts show

Close my eyes to show what’s
On my mind
All the time

I found my home
Here in your arms
My heart beats so slowly
I smile and hold you close
And realize that we’ll never be alone
Track Name: Broken Skies
Go so far
Leave your comforting
Comforting hatred
Cut your suffering ties

When she left them behind
She caught broken skies
On the hooks of her fingers
And the corners of her eyes

Hide your self
Relive all of your heartaches and
Rewrite life
So it's just the bad parts

Change your name
Sink to guilty isolation and
Push me away
I'm just gonna laugh

But do you see me laughing?

When the bonds came untied
She caught broken skies
On the hooks of her fingers
And the saddest smile

Walk so far
Curse those photographs
Photographs, trust no one
You're all alone

Mark your skin
Forget family memories
Push them away
They're all gonna laugh

But do you see us laughing?

When she left them behind
She caught broken skies
On the hooks of her fingers
As she closed her eyes

And when her dreams died
She caught broken skies
On the hooks of her fingers
As she closed her eyes

Please return
We all miss you so badly and
Grieving a ghost
Is so fucking hard

All it takes
Forgive yourself and forgive me
Please forgive me
Track Name: California
I see it’s time to go
Though I have loved you so
You’ve watched me as I’ve grown
I need to see what I don’t know
What I don’t know

I’m only eight years old
I need a hand to hold
This place is getting cold
But I can do this on my own
On my own

I pack my bags, my shoes untied, and leave this town behind
I kiss your face, and wave goodbye, you’ll never see me cry
I need to hear the ocean’s tide, so I can be alive
I run away with all my might, but I will be alright
I’ll be alright
I’ll be alright

Please let my mother know
That I am not alone
The ocean is my home
And she will never let me go
Let me go

I feel it ebb and flow
The water’s in my bones
My heart is beating slow
I hold my breath and sink below, sink below
Track Name: Say You Will
Say you will
Track Name: See You Tomorrow
Let’s play drums in the basement
Until the neighbors call
Aching arms, ears are ringing
I know I have it all
I know I have it all

Throw away the afternoon
Come with me
If I have to go too soon
Forgive me
Forgive me

I forgot why I came by
I guess it’s all the same
Sit around wasting hours
Then I’ll be on my way
Then I’ll be on my way

I’m not good at saying goodbye
I’ll see you tomorrow